Sub Launcher (Quick ignition)

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Description of Sub Launcher (Quick ignition)

This app changes your one hand usage of smartphone!

You can directly start apps/shortcuts/widgets any time.

You can start a preferred page of the launcher and also set screen off, shortcut to make a call, etc..

You can shift the launcher tile with dragging by thumb.


► Quickly start launcher tile by swiping left/right edge of the screen.

► Variable for icon size, position, item count, pages, icon image and background image.

► Can set applications/shortcut/widget on the launcher tile.

► Can close the launcher by single tapping outside the launcher area.

► Can change length/width/transparency of the ignition bar.

► Can set actions for gestures on the bar.

► Can set action for flicking up/down on the tile.

► Can set image and actions for gesture on the floating icon.

and more...

**Please exclude this app from task-killer applications.

Note: If you move the application on SD card, registered widgets will be cleared after rebooting the phone due to Android specification. Please keep the application on the phone side, when you want to register widget(s).

Note: There will be advertisement on the screen. Please understand this is FREE application.

Note: Customized shortcut by an external application can be added on the shortcut list (the new shortcut is added when SubLauncher service running.).

You can change the sizes of the floating icon into long rectangular to behave as an ignition bar on the top or bottom side.

It might be good idea to use this app in combination with another launcher. Our app can set shortcut, bookmark, widget, ring tone, screen off etc..

I hope that you will create comfortable environment with your favorite apps:)

It might not be enough performance for lower spec devices. Thank you for your understanding.


You can buy ad-free option via in-app billing. But please carefully confirm that your device has no problem with this application before you buy this option.

If you have a problem during your use of this application, please uninstall it via Settings page.

If you like this application, review or blog post or tweeting will greatly be welcome!

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APK Version 3.0.49
Compatibility Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread)
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